We offer #AxieInfinity #Scholarships and a great team experience. Up to 60% for the player.

 is a gaming community of Axie Infinity lovers. 
No matter it's the cute axies, the challenge of climbing the leaderboard 
or supporting your income every 15 days with some SLP, we got you covered!

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We Love Axie Infinity

If you love Axies and the #axieverse but can't afford a good team come join one of our Axie Infinity scholarship classrooms

A scholarship from us means we provide you with the axies required to play in PVE and PVP arena. 

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Learn To Play

We help you become successful in the arena!
Each classroom has a dedicated  Team Manager 
and an Axie Advisor and Trainer to support you.

We help you optimze your skills, your strategy and if 
needed we even chang your axie team setup.

Play To Earn

Our scholarship is completly free. 
By playing Axie Infinity you will accumulate Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. 
Every 15 days, you will receive 40% to 60% of your earned SLP into your Ronin wallet and your free to do with them whatever you choose.  


Meet Our Scholars


Welcome to Team Axcited

We're axcited t​o have you here!


Our scholars get 40-60% of their earned SLP, depending on their average result.



A few of our classroom seats get 40 or even 60 energy. More energy means more SLP!



We provide training, tipps & tricks. We change axies, even whole teams, if required.

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Connect with hundreds of axie fans & scholars. Together we're making this a happy place! 

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